Why You Are Going To Love Our Lamb


``Dine a Little on the Wild Side!``

Grass-fed meat is healthier for you, the planet, and better for the animals.  Lamb has been referred to as the ‘land salmon” of domesticated animals because of its unmatched Omega 3 fatty acid content.  Our grazing management enhances the sequestration of carbon and improves soil biology giving new life to the land.

Omega 3 Content Per Serving

Tamarack Lamb 2147mg
Domestic Lamb 560mg
Ground Chicken 162mg
Ground Pork 119mg
Ground Beef 80mg


grazing heals the land

At Tamarack Lamb & Wool we use a system of grazing that mimics the wild buffalo called “mob stock grazing”.  The flock is kept together as a herd and moved daily to fresh grass.  This helps our livestock guard dogs keep them safer from wolves and coyotes without having to resort to lethal measures.  The impact of the flock grazing followed by long periods of rest helps sequester more carbon from the air.  This in turn helps plants develop deeper root systems, improve soil permeability so less rain runs off, and helps rebuild soil so that future generations can farm this land.  All of this while producing a wholesome, savory product that is superior in nutrition and flavor.